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What's Brewing 


Current Offerings as of 1/20/2023:

Lord of the Ryes (Belgian Stout) 9.5% ABV 39 IBU
This big stout is deceptively easy to drink with notes of rich European chocolate truffles and very subtle Belgian character.

Bureaucracy (Abbey-Style Triple) 10% ABV 14 IBU
A simple base of premium bohemian pilsner and pure cane sugar provide a rich golden canvas for our expressive Belgian yeast. Aromas of candied orange peel and orange blossom honey lead with a subtle hint of clove like spices and delicate banana. A sturdy malt backbone supports a warming afterglow lingers into a subtly peppery finish.

A Beer of One's Own (Saison) 5.5% ABV 15 IBU

Bright and effervescent with notes of passion fruit, citrus and spices. Complex enough to contemplate, easy to crush.

Berry Sangria Hard Seltzer  5.8% ABV

Our house hard seltzer infused with Ohio Tea Co's Berry Sangria Tisane.  A medley of rich berries, rosehip hibiscus and sour cherries come together for a refreshing summertime sangria flavor.

Great Ex-Beer-Tations (Irish Red) 5% ABV 15 IBU

This rruby hued gem is rich and malty with notes caramel and toffee.

42 (Blonde Ale) 4.2% ABV 14 IBU
Bright golden color, 42 is a crisp and refreshing ale with delicate malt sweetness that drinks like a pilsner.

North Canton Hard Seltzer (Hard Cream Soda) 5.8% ABV
Our house hard seltzer infused with real vanilla for the nostalgic flavor and aroma of a cream soda.

HP LoveHop (Double IPA) 8.7% ABV 60 IBU Brewed Ohio Grown barley from Origin Malt and triple dry hopped with Ohio Grown Chinook and a blend of our favorite fruity & dank hops for an IPA with more of a classic hop bite.

Act of Passion (Fruited Hefeweizen) 4.5% ABV 10 IBU
We added 132lbs of passionfruit during fermentation kicking up the fruitiness with rich tropical aroma and slightly tart flavors added to the banana and delicate clove notes in the hefeweizen

Page Turner (American Brown Ale) 5.6% ABV 27 IBU

This dark malty brew has notes of chocolate, vanilla and toffee producing a smooth quaffable ale.

Fear & Loathing in Auburn Acres (Belgian Pale Ale) 6.3%ABV 36 IBU
A mix of barley, flaked oats, and caramel malt you might expect to find in an IPA or hazy Pale Ale fermented with our go to Belgian yeast and hopped exclusively with Ohio grown Triple Pearl from Auburn Acres.

Animal Farmhouse (Mixed Culture/Sour Saison) 5.5% ABV
This iteration spent 2022 aging in sauvignon blanc barrels with the blend of brettanomyces & lactobacillus started for our 2020 batch and used to for each subsequent one representing a continuing evolution from the first Codex brew to the present.

Ask the bar staff about Infusions and suggestions for #PlatypusStyle blends

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