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What's Brewing 


Current Offerings as of 5/4/2023:

Kindness Yet (Wee Heavy) 9.5% ABV 22 IBU
Rich in sweet malt flavor and aroma and finishing with a warming alcohol presence. In a nod to traditional brewing practice we went with a simple malt bill of Ohio grown Puffin malt with a touch of roast for color and relied on a complex, extended boiling process to produce the styles classic caramel notes.

A Beer of One's Own (Saison) 5.5% ABV 15 IBU

Bright and effervescent with notes of passion fruit, citrus and spices. Complex enough to contemplate, easy to crush.

Berry Sangria Hard Seltzer  5.8% ABV

Our house hard seltzer infused with Ohio Tea Co's Berry Sangria Tisane.  A medley of rich berries, rosehip hibiscus and sour cherries come together for a refreshing summertime sangria flavor.

Queen James Version (Pre-Prohibition Lager) 6.8% ABV 15 IBU
Brilliant gold in appearance and crowned by wispy white foam. This adjunct lager is crisp, deceptively easy to drink and for us, the definitive translation of a classic American style. 

Pizza the Beer (Herb and Spice Lager) 6.8% ABV
A fun Spaceballs inspired infusion of lager with powdered tomato and chimichurri rub for a beer that tastes and smells a whole lot like a slice of pizza.

North Canton Hard Seltzer (Hard Cream Soda) 5.8% ABV
Our house hard seltzer infused with real vanilla for the nostalgic flavor and aroma of a cream soda.

Barrel Aged Bureaucracy 11% ABV

Boozy barrel aromas, oak and delicate tart berry notes from aging in a Blackberry Brandy Barrel meld with notes of candied orange peel and a hint of clove like spices in this richly complex Belgian style ale.

Blueberry Saison (Fruited Saison) 6% ABV 15 IBU

We added the freeze dried equivalent of 220lbs of blueberries during fermentation to contribute a tart berry flavor and rich purple adding fruity layers of complexity to our house saison recipe.

Pangloss (Helles) 5.2% ABV 19 IBU

Brilliant pale gold in color, this classic German-style lager is ever so slightly more full bodied than a pilsner or light lager with traditional German hops balanced by a touch of malt sweetness.

Tributes (American Pale Ale) 6.3% ABV 50 IBU

A blend of classic American hops contributing aromas of orange and grapefruit with hints of floral and pine light bready and sweet caramel malt balances the citrus and resinous flavors.

Animal Farmhouse (Mixed Culture/Sour Saison) 5.5% ABV
This iteration spent 2022 aging in sauvignon blanc barrels with the blend of brettanomyces & lactobacillus started for our 2020 batch and used to for each subsequent one representing a continuing evolution from the first Codex brew to the present.

Ask the bar staff about Infusions and suggestions for #PlatypusStyle blends

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